Tuesday, March 11, 2008

David Wells has company on the DL (Diabetes List)

Looks like rehab didn’t come early enough in Dmitri Young’s career. And by rehab I mean going cold turkey on the Denny’s buffet. Young, who gained 55 lbs during the off season, showed up to camp weighing 300 lbs and announced he has Type 2 diabetes, the same affliction that Boomer Wells developed after a long career (drinking beer and eating wild animals).

"I'll know when I'm in playing shape," Young was quoted as saying. "That's being able to run and not get gassed, not cramping up. Being able to do everything -- get down on a ground ball, slide, doing everything that's baseball-related and not being fatigued afterwards."

This is a joke right? How can he expect to play baseball when he works up a full sweat putting on his batting helmet? Are the Nats serious about putting him out in the field? Granted he’d probably do a great job of eating up balls hit down the first base line.


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